Homepage: www.spaz.org
Keywords: bassmusic, experimentalmusic, soundart
About: I live in Northern California, but i might show up anywhere. I am a sound system technician/party engineer.

Check out my weekly radio show. Every wednesday starting  7:23pm PST at:

Keywords: Vegan, Vegetarian, Health, Food, Voluntaryism, Anarchy
Description: blog, personal site
Location: Wahat al-Salam
Keywords: metaphysics, free-software, culture, peace-&-conflict, middle-east, india
About: Born in the UK, living in Israel/Palestine most of the time.
Description: Shu Lin finita
Age: 24
Location: Mares ,montañas ,cielo y por el universo, Marina Sofía ∞, Unión Cultural de Repúblicas Matriarcales Comunistas de Mhanka(UCRMCM)
About: Perfil oficial de Shu Lin. Medio finito enlazador de los contenidos audiovisuales de María de la Paz y Misa ∞
Location: Sri Lanka
Keywords: painting, art, theatre, translation, freesoftware, performanceart, visualart
About: Visual artist, writer and translator. Loves theatre and performance art. Free software user.
Location: Kansas City, MO, United States of America
Keywords: Electrical, Electrician, Geek, Decentralization, Communications, GNU, Linux, Debian, FOSS, FLOSS, OSS, Vegan, Vegetarian, Voluntaryist, Voluntaryism, Zot, Hubzilla
About: Time Magazine Person of the Year - 2006

I'm different.
Age: 23
Keywords: spaz, soundsystem, bassmusic, freeparty, festival
About: The Semi-Permanent Autonomous Zone (aka the S.P.A.Z. collective) has been organizing social events, community spaces, free festivals, art happenings and more for 23 years. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, we've also traveled around the United States, Mexico, Europe, and Asia creating unique situations for people to come together and experience art and music in a liberated social environment. We roll in diesel buses that we've converted to run on recycled vegetable oil, and we're equipped to transform any space into a vibrant, stimulating, living, breathing social sculpture. Our crew is made up of multi-talented creative individuals with a combined skill set ranging from bus mechanics and sound design to textile arts, and circus skills.
Keywords: Autonomy, mutantfest, soundsystem, festival
About: the Autonomous Mutant Festival is an annual FREE non-commercial gathering for the healthy evolution of life culture, encouraging individual and group autonomy, celebrating independent art and culture, exploring diy technologies and encouraging a harmonious relationship with the earth.
About: GNU Telephony is a project to enable anyone to use free as in freedom software for telephony, and with the freedom to do so on any platform they choose to use. We also wish to make it easy to use the Internet for real-time voice and video communication, and in fact for all forms of real-time collaboration. Finally we wish to make it possible to communicate securely and in complete privacy by applying distributed cryptographic solutions. Our goal is to enable secure and private real-time communication worldwide over the Internet that is free as in freedom, and is also free as in no cost too!
Description: testing... the matrix
Age: 53
Location: USA
Keywords: libertarian, atheist
Location: Halle an der Saale, Germany
Keywords: musik, linux, kegeln, fahrrad, kaffee
About: Music Lover · 9-Pin Classic Bowler · Geocacher · Fahrradfahrer · Wissensdurstiger · Allrounder :)
Description: Man
Keywords: Liberty, Freedom, Beer, Art, Life, Philosophy
About: Public landing page is purposefully blank.  I will share what I want, with those whom I know.  If you don't know me in other words, it's #NOYFB
Age: 41
Keywords: RedMatrix, Testing
About: I'm all about testing.
Description: quoudten
Keywords: #christian, #christianity, #evangelism, #missions, #discipleship, #church
About: GoodSeed is an equipping ministry (Eph 4:12). We equip Bible believers for a lifelong lifestyle of sharing the Good News. www.goodseed.com
Keywords: photography
About: Family man. Photography (mostly as a hobby), some video work. Loving life and doing so in Canada.
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Homepage: http://dale.id.au/
Keywords: Linux, Amateur, Radio, Raspberry, Pi, Arduino, Android, Electronics, HV, RC
About: It's me, yes indeed.  Introduction box filled.  Check!
Description: happydesign2
Age: 17